Advance Paste™


An oral supplement formulated for horses of all ages

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides critical nutrients for foals suffereing from nutrition-related developmental orthopedic disease (D.O.D.)
  • Supplies nutrients that may be deficient in mare's milk for faster-growing foals, who have a great risk for D.O.D.
  • Higher levels of Vitamins A, E and C- antioxidants shown to support immunity.
  • Dried Egg Product has been shown to enhance gut health.
  • Provides the direct-fed microbial Encapsulated Enterococcus faecium fermentation product (M74), which: 
    • Can help with early establishment of beneficial gut microbes in foals
    • May aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients
    • Shown to create a protective barrier against pathogenic microorganisms
    • Can positively affect the immune system
  • Encapsulation of M74:
    • Ensures stability by minimizing losses in feed processing and storage
    • Decreases degradation in the stomach and targets the delivery of the direct-fed microbials to the optimum site of action in the intestinal tract
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