Cool Calories 100


Keep your horse's energy cool and focused with Cool Calories 100 - the perfect, easy to use addition to your feeding program for focused energy and improved body and haircoat condition.

Features & Benefits:

  • A concentrated energy supplement suitable for all types of horses, Cool Calories 100 provides essential fatty acids for skin and hair condition, as well as the calories needed for weight gain and exercise performance.
  • Cool Calories 100 contains 5 times the fat of an equal amount of stabilized rice bran.  That is, 8 pounds of Cool Calories 100 has the fat content of 40 pounds of rice bran.  Further, Cool Calories 100 does not conflict with fortified feeds.
  • Cool Calories 100 is fed and recommended by top equestrians like Bob Avila, a 32-time World Chamption Trainer, the year 2000 World's Greatest Horsemean, and NRCHA and NRHA Futurity Winner.  Amy Tryon, a US Olympic Team Medalist in Spain, a US Team Olympic Brozne Medalist in Greece and a Rolex Best Condition Winner.
  • Start to Finish equine products combine the specialty manufacturing and distribution strength of MSC with the equine nutrition expertise of Dr. Stephen Duren and Performance Horse Nutrition.  We are committed to bringing you the most advanced, highest quality specialty equine products available anywhere.
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