Specific Recommendations

Thank you for visiting our Specific Recommendations Page. When making recommendations, we need to consider the following:

What breed is the horse? Easy-keeper breeds are: draft horses, some warmbloods (due to draft blood), Morgans, Paso Finos, Tennessee Walking horses, Saddlebreds, Standardbreds (not racing), some Quarter horses and some Arabians. Hard-keeper breeds are: thoroughbreds, some Arabians, and Quarter horses with lots of thoroughbred blood.

How old is the horse? If over 20 years old and thin, have teeth been checked and has blood work been done for general health?

What type of riding are you doing with the horse? How long is the horse worked? How much trotting? How much cantering? (Intense-racing, endurance, polo) (Moderate-cutting, jumping, dressage, roping) (Light-trail, pleasure, backyard) (Pasture ornament-walking to water).

What is the horse's current body condition? Heavy, thin, "just right"?

Can you easily feel the horse's ribs?

Does the horse have any known health issues? DOD, laminitis, colic, Cushing's?

What type of hay (forage) is being fed? Grass, legume, mixed? If mixed, what percent legume? If pasture, how long is the horse on the pasture?

How much hay (forage) is being fed?

What is the quality of the forage? Green? Leafy? Soft? Small stems? Good smelling?

What type of grain (concentrate) is the horse currently eating?

How much (in weight) grain (concentrate) is the horse currently eating?

Having the answers to these questions will help us determine what recommendations to make for your horse's situation.

If you would like a specific recommendation for horse(s), please email info@tributehorsefeeds.com or call 888-771-1250. We will make every effort to respond to you as quickly as possible.

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