My 15 horses of various breeds and ages have been on Tribute Equine Nutrition feeds exclusively since May.  I have seen noticeable changes in their appearance, health and stamina.  The most remarkable change has been a great improvement in their top line area.  Top lines are building and filling in which has always been a hard place to build muscle and mass especially in our older horses and Thoroughbreds.  I attribute this top line improvement to Tribute’s well-researched formulation of amino acids.  

    Our horses’ coats are shiny along with having an overall appearance of health and well-being.  They have plenty of energy without being hot or hyper. 

    In the past we added supplements such as extra minerals, glucosamine, biotin, ground flax and beet pulp to the grain we were feeding but since Tribute is a complete feed that includes these supplements and more, our feeding regimen has been greatly simplified.  We have found that we are feeding less quantity and achieving better results with Tribute.

    It is very reassuring for me to know that every bag of Tribute feed contains the exact same high nutrition, quality controlled ingredients blended and bagged in a modern, clean, state-of-the-art facility.

    I am happy to give my enthusiastic endorsement to Tribute Equine Nutrition.  From the positive results I have seen with my horses and from my knowledge of the high quality ingredients of grains, nutrients and minerals used and the careful formulation of amino acids, it is clear to me that Tribute is, by far, the highest quality nutrition available for horses.  

    -Ed Dabney

    Ed Dabney supports Tribute
  • Midwest Youth Rodeo Association

    The Midwest Youth Rodeo Association is proud to partner with Tribute Equine Nutrition.  They found great results with Tribute!

    Check them out online!

    Midwest Youth Rodeo Association
    Casey Deary Performance Horses Reining Testimonial Video
  • 30 days on Tribute

    Here is a photo of a horse with 30 days on Tribute Equine Nutrition!

    These photos are of a horse named Cruz, owned by Amy Fox from Montoursville.

    This is what Amy had to say regarding feeding Tribute: "When you were here I had just gotten Cruz. Just wanted you to see my great results on your Tribute feed.  I am one happy momma.  Thank you so much!"

    before & after 30 days



    30 days on Tribute
  • Happy customer from Wisconsin

    Hello Dr. Burke,

    I just wanted to send a note to say how much I love the Tribute line.  I started my 13 year old Quarter Horse gelding on it about a year ago and he has done amazing on it. I have never seen him look so good – his weight is great (in fact he is a little chubby) and his coat has never looked better. 

    In fact a few of my fellow boarders have also switched Tribute products and are also very pleased with the results they have seen. One of the horses who started the product last winter is a 20 something Quarter Horse gelding who is a pretty “enthusiastic” cribber who has had trouble in the past keep weight on. Within weeks of starting the product we could already see a difference in his weight. 

    Thank you for making such a great product!  

    Best regards, 

    Jana from Wisconsin

    Jana’s horse, Doctor Unzippable is pictured here. 

    Happy customer from Wisconsin

    Western Cross Arabians and Pintos, a top Arabian and Pinto breeding farm, is feeding Tribute Equine Nutrition Kalm Ultra, Essential K, Kalm 'N 'EZ and EquiFerm XL with their broodmares looking better than ever after this foaling season. 

    Check out their website here!

    Western Cross Arabians & Pintos love Tribute!

    Learn from AQHA judge, trainer and breeder Rhonda Replogle why Tribute Equine Nutrition helps her to win!

    Click here to watch the video.

    Rhonda Replogle Quarter Horses Tribute video

    We just received this feedback from a happy customer:

    Thanks for your outstanding product! Your Tribute 12% Pelleted feed has consistently aided in the overall health and haircoat quality of my horses! They stand out in the herd! Thanks again for your commitment to excellence! My horses and I benefit from you!

    -Buddy (in Florida)

    Buddy shares his experience with Tribute
  • Jerry Parisek Quarter Horse Working Hunter Testimonial

    "Our daughters, Morgan and Lexy Parisek have been showing hunters and jumpers since they were 6 years old.  In 2007, we started showing the hunters on the Quarter Horse Circuit.  We had a horse that was hard to keep weight on and had a rough coat.  We put him on Tribute's Kalm Ultra and his coat, attitude and condition changed.  Since then, we have been feeding all of our horses Tribute and the coats and condition of the horses have been incredible.  We feed less supplements and get compliments on our horses everywhere we go.  

    In 2011, it was our best year showing, both girls were in the top 5 in every class at the Congress with multiple World Championships!

    Morgan was Congress Champion in Amateur Working Hunter and Novice Amateur Equitation over fences, and Reserve in Amateur Equitation over fences.  She qualified for the Amateur World Show and was 6th in Amateur Equitation over fences.

    Lexy was World Champion in Hunter Hack and top 5 in every class at the Congress.  Lexy’s horse, Slow N Natural, ridden by Linda Crothers was World Champion in Progressive Working Hunter, Reserve World Champion in Junior Hunter Hack, and 3rd in Junior Working Hunter.  Slow N Natural was #1 in Progressive Hunter at the year end.

    In 2012, they are both leading the nation in multiple divisions. Thank you Tribute!”

    Jerry Parisek

    Click here to view Jerry’s website!

    Jerry Parisek Quarter Horse Working Hunter Testimonial
  • Tracy Bishop and Turnin N Burning Testimonial

    Tracy Bishop proudly feeds her horse, Turnin N Burning Tribute's Essential K. 

    Thanks for sharing your photo Tracy!

    Tracy Bishop and Turnin N Burning Testimonial
  • Ty and Karen Hornick Quarter Horses Testimonial

    "We have been using Tribute Equine Nutrition products since March and have really noticed a difference in weight maintenance and an extra bloom to their hair coat.  We've just returned from a long run -- hauling to AQHA/NSBA circuits from Ohio to VA to Michigan to OH in a matter of weeks with extremely high temperatures. We saw that our horses were less stressed while hauling, kept their weight, and their appetites stayed at their normal levels.  

    We particularly like the Kalm 'N EZ performance product.  It helps create routine for our horses by being consistent from bag to bag.   We feel that the candy-like smell helps keep the horses liking the feed and looking forward to their meals.  Our horses have to work hard, especially as we prepare for futurities, and this product helps maintain that optimum performance.  Extra added bonus -- no dust!!

    Finally, we appreciate doing business with and supporting an Ohio based company.  If we need to talk to someone, they are only a phone call away."

    Ty & Karen Hornick Quarter Horses

    Watch their video testimonial here on You Tube by clicking here.

    Click here for their Facebook page!

    Ty and Karen Hornick Quarter Horses Testimonial
  • Nancy Maloney, Crossroads Farm

    My name is Nancy Maloney and I have been a trainer, professional rider and barn manager for over 40 years with Hunters and Jumpers. As well as training show horses I also stand two top warmblood stallions. Currently we stand Ironman and Titulus. 

    I have trained and conditioned many local, zone and national Champions. Conditioning is half the battle with top athletes, and diet is a very important aspect of that.  I have seen and tried many different types of grain over the years and have had trouble balancing top quality feed with cost effectiveness. We talked with Dr. Burke, who made recommendations based on what I wanted my performance horses to have nutritionally and the outcome I expected.  I, as well as the owners, have seen a huge difference in the performance and condition of our show horses.  The owners are constantly getting compliments on how shiny their horse’s coat is or how great the horse looks; all thanks to Tribute!   

    Also thanks to Tribute we don’t have to have different feed bins to suit the various horses and we’re feeding less supplements!  Equally important is how palatable Tribute is.  Even the pickiest eaters clean up their feed.This year was the first year we fed Tribute Growth to our two broodmares and the babies look fantastic and received top scores at their first warmblood inspection at only 2 weeks old.  We are definitely sold on Tribute!

    - Nancy Maloney, Crossroads Farm


    Nancy Maloney, Crossroads Farm
  • Denise at Blue Gate Farm

    "Since I switched our competition horses to Tribute feed we have seen an overall improvement in temperment and overall health. Their energy levels are stable and we have noticed an improvement in their body soundness while using the Kalm Performer with G+C. The horses love it and so do we."

    - Denise, Blue Gate Farm

    Check out Blue Gate Farm at their website here!

    Denise at Blue Gate Farm
    Ann Myers of Myers Horse Farms
    Emily Alexander Hamilton of Eutrophia Farms
    Jill Knowles of Hidden Knoll Farms
    Sarah Hippenstiel of Pegaso Farms
    Kirsten Johnson of Kesmarc (Kentucky Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Center)
  • Rhonda Replogle of Rhonda Replogle Quarter Horses, LLC

    Learn what Rhonda Replogle of Rhonda Replogle Quarter Horses, LLC has to say about Tribute Equine Nutrition! "I was asked by Jason Heeter to try Tribute products on 2 horses. So, I chose a 6 yr old Hunter Under Saddle gelding that under hard work would lose weight across his back and hips. The second horse I chose was a 3 yr old Hunter Under Saddle horse that just didn't put weight on and always looked skinny to me. After 2 weeks I saw a HUGE difference. The owner of the 6 yr old gelding told me, "maybe you should cut his feed down!" haha! Usually she told me I needed to feed him more! He is in heavy work and has a lot of cover on him. The 3 yr old mare now is looking good with weight in all the correct places. After just 2 weeks it SOLD ME! I am a hard sale! But, proof was definitely in the horses! Plus, I love the new dealer you signed up- Clyde McMullen at Valley View Ag Products. And, Jason (Tribute Sales Rep) did a great job introducing me to all of your products. I can't wait to see the results on the other horses. Thank you for producing such a great product!!!

    Rhonda Replogle of Rhonda Replogle Quarter Horses, LLC

    This season was one of our best ever here at Great Lakes Equestrian Center. Never before have my horses’ coats looked so healthy and have they performed so well on a consistent basis. I personally was able to achieve great results, finishing in the top five as nearly every event we attended, and winning many of those. I know it’s a direct reflection of using your superior product.

    Because of the variety of terrific products Tribute offers and our supportive vendor, Morren Bros Feed, I was able to accommodate the differing needs of the horses in my barn. In one particular case, an upper level competition horse of mine was suffering from a nutritional disease, which was greatly hindering his performance. I cannot imagine what we would have done for him without the Tribute team. The team helped us to pinpoint which feed was best suited for him, and, I feel are the reason he is back in the game and better than ever.

    Not only have my horses demonstrated improvement since switching to Tribute, but all of my clients who have made the transition are noticing great results. Whether it is for an upper-level eventing star, a child’s pony, or a retired older horse, I truly believe Tribute Equine Nutrition offers something for every horse in our barns.

    I want to sincerely thank you for your support and for providing my barn with such an amazing feed I can rely on. I hope to continue our relationship for years to come and know that with the Tribute team’s support we will continue to achieve great results. On behalf of myself, and all the horses at Great Lakes Equestrian Center, thank you very much.

    Erika Travis Petersen, Great Lakes Equestrian Center, LLC
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